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Home Only means that this site may contain adult materials

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 Site Name                                        URL                                                              What’s There


 3d Gladiators                                                            back, on a smaller scale


 +Alterego3D                                                                Poser stuff for Kids models


 3 Minute Poser                                         poser tool link list


 3d All                                                                          Poser characters (3)


 3d Angel                                                                       back


 3d Areana                                                                         Poser props, hair, utilities


 3d Artworld                                                 A few poser props and resources


 3d Cat                                                                          Some poser models, limited downloads


 3d Dude                                                           morphs, and morph manager


 3d et Mathematiques                                                            French Poser/Bryce primitives (?)


 3d Gladiators                                                    Mouse over space station K7, guest downloads


 3d Menagerie                                                 Bloodsong’s, use text list, Poser stuff


 3d models                                                                             1 prop, poser


 3d Road                                                                         Ape 50’s/John Silva’s models


 3d Universe                                                 poser hair, clothes, textures


 3d Web                                                                props


 3dx Studios                                                                poser downloads


 5 faces                                       5 face morphs, and fireworks, no title


 Access Designs                                                         Poser Downloads


 Action Babe Central                                                      poser adult props, etc


 Actual Studio                                                           Poser gallery, store, etc.


 Advent 3d                                                                     Christian Poser beards, props


 Ajax’s Twisted Visions                                  Easypose Program site


 Alana V                                                                  poser kitchen props


 Al’s Place                                       poser 3 characters, 1 poser 4


 Amazon’s City                                                            Poser


 anarchy Acre                              4 models, Japanese


 Anat’s site                                            Poser characters


 Andi3d                                                                         poser buildings, etc.


 Animotions                                                                 superhero poser downloads


 Antje’s Graphics                            poser site


 Aran’s shoes                             Shoes, shoes, shoes for Poser, check, may have


 Architorture                                                              Poser and 3dmax props


 Arduino’s Web                                          poser mats and some characters


 ArmadaFRONT                                                             some Vickie clothes


 Art of D~mentia                                Poser stuff


 Artman’s Digital Beauties                          a poser prop


 Art-Ro Poser Free stuff /                                            russian clothes for P4/Nadya


 ArtsEdNet Feb                                       Poser link list, lotsa familiars


 Atomic Knights                                                           Poser and 3ds models


 Avalon                                               Russian props, textures, mats


 Avalon Tree                                                  Russian Poser and Bryce site


 Aweful Soul                                                                 Poser props and backgrounds


 Azure Monkey                                                              2 props


 B) Art                                                                 Vue 4 materials and terrains


 BadCo                                                                         Poser characters and props


 Betty Page                                   P3 characters and textures


 Beyond Appearances                                                          things for DAZ models


 Beyond Bent                                                      Poser props and characters


 Big Green Furry Things                      Poser robot, other stuff


 Billy Factory                                                           Poser clothing and props


 Birklea                                                                     Poser poses etc


 bkoh                                                                   Clothes for Posette


 Blade Studio                                             poser armour and weapons


 Blaueheit                                                       hair for several different characters


 Blue Mojo Imagineering                                       poser


 Bluebeard’s Poser Resources                                          3 Poser props not on ‘rosity


 Bonehub                                                                       er, models of a sort, very home only


 Bootled Fashions                                                   Poser clothes


 Bricesylvania                                              Poser and Bryce


 Britt’s Escapes                                                        digital art


 BTSculptor’s Poser studio                                            poser clothes


 BVH  animation files                         BVH Files


 BVH files                               BVH Files


 BVH files                                            BVH Files


 Bzrgames                                          Poser clothes, 4


 Cake One                                                                      4 jewelry props


 canary 3d                                                                     a few morphs


 Capsce’s Digital link                                             morphs for Poser characters and animals


 Cast Iron Flamingo                                                   Grouper program site, tuts


 Castle Development group                                       Poser Backgrounds and props


 Cauldron Arts                                                           no freebies yet


 Cazcie’s 3d                                                                        Poser chars, text, props, from 4 artists


 Cephalene’s                                          Poser props


 Character x                              free Poser characters, early versions


 Child of Fyre                                                            Poser hair textures, etc.


 Chris Galvo                                                 Poser downloads and gallery


 Chris                                                             V3 resources


 Christine A Daee’s Poser                                         poser


 Cin-Designs                                                               Poser dresses


 Citizen Dave                                                              Poser and 3ds props


 Clothes Figures P3                                Poser 3 clothes


 Club Vickie                                                Some Vickie stuff, 2 Poser utilities


 Colacola                                                                      various Props and character robots, etc


 Coleus’ downloads                      


 Combat Bunny                                               Characters and poses


 Complete Multimedia                                             poser


 Complx mind                                                                poser props


 Confusius                                             Poser Hair


 Cool Tuna Studio                                             some Poser stuff for Vickie 2 and up


 Corearts                                                                      Poser clothes, uniforms


 CorrectReference1.1                                                        poser util


 Cosmic Pearl                                                             Star wars props


 Cr2edit 6                                                               Cr2 editor program


 Crowfoot Creations                                   Poser stuff for sale


 Cyber Fiber                                                              Poser poses for sale


 Cyobit                                                         Poser textures, clothes, some characters


 D! works                                               some poser sheep, lo-res head



Members only, Poser clothes and chars.

 Dancing Trout                                       fish and fishing props, Poser n Bryce


 Dark Faction                                                               Poser props, weapons, etc.


 Dark Toys                                                         HOME ONLY! Really twisted Poser stuff


 Daz 3d                                                                           Poser models, 1 free a week


 Daz Studio Link                        


 Decadent Soul                                                             1 Poser dress, 1 rope


 Dedicated Digital                                                     the ogre character for Poser


 Deimos’ Website                                        Poser props, some characters


 Derrin’s Den                                                               Poser characters, textures, models


 Designs by Belle                                                       poser


 Digital Babes 2                                                             The hair site of professionals


 Digital Babes mirror 1                                          The hair site of professionals


 Digital Burns                                                              Poser props


 Digital Dream Girls                                               Characters for non-Posette only


 Digital Fairy                                                Poser and Vue 4 resources


 Digital Intoxication                                 Poser Clothes


 Digital Love Doll                                                         a prop, a texture


 Digital Renderings                                                 Poser textures and props for Mil Kids


 Digital Twist                                                              poser


 Dm Productions                                                 various Poser props, etc


 Domain of Darkness                                                   some bonelike props, interesting Poser


 Dragon Factory                                                  Dragon fixes and textures


 Dragool’s Lair                                                                 Poser textures, PSP tubes


 Dreamerz                                               some Poser and Bryce downloads, mats


 Dreampaint                                                                 Galleries, some models


 Drop Maker                                     Poser Characters and utilities


 dtemachine                                                                  Voyager and Blade runner downloads


 Duane’s Toybox                                        Various Poser heads, textures, etc.


 Dynagirl Art                                            poser


 Edge of Never                                                   Gallery, poser stuff


 Edgoyama                                     Japanese, 4 models for Poser/Vue


 Elysium Poser Playground /                                         Poser and Bryce stuff


 Emperor Ken                                                                    Where Empken is, 8 Poser props, some tutorials


 Enmeshed                                                          download links for Poser props/clothes


 ETHAN WOOD                                                 Gallery, 2 pzr files


 Ether Forge                                                   Poser Props


 Excalibur Productions                                                Tony01701’s TOS downloads


 Exile Designs                                                            poser


 Expanding Wave                                                           Japanese poser props


 Extreme_Morph_3D                                                           poser util


 Face Factory                                                           Poser site for various faces


 Faint                                                           BVH Files


 Fantasy 3d                                      Poser props and characters


 Fast 3d UK                                                       Gerald Day’s New site


 Free Cad                                                      another one


 Free data for 3dcg                                      poser props, may have this


 Froglace Boutique                                         total 5 poses and characters


 FWHS Poser Site                        


 Gabyhylla 3d                                                                Poser and Bryce downloads


 Gavangar                                                         Gavangar’s characters for Poser


 Geek and Proud                                                         some poser and bryce stuff


 Geek Antics                                               George279’s Poser props and buildings


 Geometries                                                              1 texture, 2 props, 2 terragen worlds


 Ghastley                                                      Various Poser props, some morphs


 Gilded Gecko                                                              poser stuff


 Gills Themes                                                              Poser props


 Glozwurld                                                    poser


 Gordana Design                                                           poser furniture, props, etc


 Graphics by Beanie                                                  Poser textures and transmaps


 Graphics by Candeekis                                                       poser props


 Greylight Multimedia                                              poser clothes, hats, props


 Guitta’s Virtual World                                                         poser


 Harpoonvolt                                                     Poser chars, some V-Lo


 Hasdrubal                                      Poser characters, cartoon


 Hawkinz Graphics                                               Lighting, textures, models Poser


 Hawks’ Poserpage Gallery                                                gallery, German


 Heaven 4d                                                                  poser, synth props


 Hextasy                                                                       Poser props, characters, free and sale


 Hmg Design                                                            Poser props, scenes, freebies


 Hogsoft 3d                                                       Poser character


 Home of Legolas                                                          some props


 Homunculi Creations                                               2 textures, 1 character for Poser


 Hr 3d                                                              poser props and characters


 Illustrender                                                               Snow Sultan’s Lights


 Inconsequential Nothingness /                      Poser downloads for cute characters


 Indormitables homepage /                                                  some p4 characters


 Interocitor                                                  Dr. Who props and images


 Irene’s Place                                                                 Poser props, textures, Photoimpact


 Ironheart’s 3d Forge                                   Poser buildings and props


 Isaac Newton’s VGZ                                      a Few free characters


 Islandgirldesigns                                                          part of ‘rosity


 iso                                                                           Poser characters and dresses


 Isyndra’s Posergalerie                                                         poser backgrounds, etc


 It’s Ming                                                                    some Toonlike Poser props, characters


 Jackie Lewin                                                             Poser stuff, 3 and 4, chars, props, etc.


 Jag                                                    3d models for Poser


 Jeharsy studio                                                        poser


 Joat Mon’s Stuff                                                      Poser characters, and gumby


 Joe’s 3d Fantasy Worlds /                     Poser props, progs,  and textures


 Jynae                                                                           a few characters and textures


 Kaedeko -Free                                                         Free character


 Kagetsu’s                                                                Some Poser Morphs


 Kalon’s                                                         Nice Poser Furniture, modern


 Karin’s 3d World                                                       Poser textures


 Karmak’s Graphics                                 Poser props and textures


 Keyhole Creations                                                   Bryce Vikkie characters, textures, clothes


 Kien Design                                          Poser lights and tuts


 Knight Grafx                                                             poser dresses and psp tubes


 Lab 108                                                                 poser models


 Lady Jewell’s Place                                                        Poser textures, some strata coming


 Ladyfire                                                       free Poser stuff.


 Leflic 3d                                                          Superheroes and South Park Poser models




 Lone Wolf                                                             Star trek clothes and characters


 Luca Oleastri                                        downloads.htm found again, downloads


 Mab Graphics                                                              1 free Poser character


 Maddy’s Network Node                                        9 posr items, props, morph


 Makino Design                                                             poser hair and faces


 Male Poser                                                         Poser characters, props, hair, etc


 mapps poser downloads                                                  much poser stuff


 Mask-da’s new Site                                                           fine weapons, not for free


 Mat Pose Edit                                                  Mat Pose Edit program site


 Maya models                                               characters and textures for Maya program


 Migal 3d                                                                      poser stuff


 Mint Works                                                                  Some Poses, and downloads


 Mistic Glade                                                                  poser, home only


 Mochi                                                           Poser props and figures, japanese


 Models by Jen C                          models


 Moodings                                                                     Poser morphs


 Moonfairy                                                                  poser


 Morphography                                                           Poser models,Poser 3 Info, xferring to 4


Motsura’s Posermania                    poser stuff, props,                etc., home only


 Movie Mesh site                                                 Props from Sci-fi movies


 mpact Media                                                 Sci-fi Poser props


 My Poser home page                                                       1 pair Poser socks


 My World                                         Http://                           Mechanismo’s site, poser stuff


 Mystic Fantasies                                                          poser


 Mystical Dream                                                               poser backgrounds


 Mystical Modality                                        Poser and Terragen downloads


 Nekote’s                                                          poser scifi props, very Japanese


 Neo Japan                                                  Poser Props, costumes, characters


 Nerd 3d                                                                        Poser outfits, armour


 Netherworks                                                             Poser stuff for V3, mostly


 New 3d Gladiators site                                              ships and bridges


 Nocturnal Studios 3d                                            poser  weapon stuff


 Node Master                                           1 Poser texture, 1 Bryce object


 Nod’s Page O’ Tat                                                 Poser shirt textures, a prop


 Noxious Designs                                                             poser clothes


 O death of life                                                  several 3d models


 O&D Poser                                           may have some new stuff..check


 Oddity                                                                        one product..


 Ooh Betty                                                                    some Poser hair, faces, morphs


 Outfit tutorial                                               how to make


 Paeron’s Poser Page                                                       some good Poser freebies


 Pajama Pixesl                                                                down


 Peejay’s Pages                                                                 mushroom Poser characters


 Peregrin Studios                                   down, poser dress


 Phantom Zone                                  some Poser characters, war machine


 PhilC                                                                           a few models, props


 Pierran Piaffe                                                          Poser characters, morphs, etc


 Pinguhuhn                                                Der Jimi’s models


 Pixel Arcana                                                 2 Poser backgrounds, 1 pair boots


 Pixel Haven                                                                Poser downloads, pics, they’re back


 Pixel Oceans                                                               tells where Poser files go                                                      7 Poser props, member site


 Planet 3d                                                                   Many poser Props, clothes, tutorials


 Play with Poser                                                           Anime chars, may have


 Pokeydots                                                                  Poser textures, a coupla Bryce objects


 Polycount 3d                            Some poser stone furniture


 Polymage                                                                     Poser downloads for neftoon, others


 Poser ++                                                          Poser faces, tips


 Poser 4 Textures by DoctorWho /         T-shirt textures


 Poser Archives Utilities                                      various poser utils


 Poser Art                                             3d models


 Poser City                                                                  3D Community for Poser & 3D graphic fans


 Poser Clothing Tut                                      clothing tut


 Poser Exotica                                          some Poser props and lights


 Poser Factory                                         Japanese, Poser characters, props


 Poser Fashion                                                            working link. Poser clothes


 Poser Girls                                                               up, maya doll stuff


 Poser Girls 2                                                Poser, home only, characters


 Poser Heads                             coupla Poser heads, different


 Poser Nightmare                                                                 Poser and Maya doll stuff


 Poser objects                                             ftp listing of Poser Objects


 Poser prop                              Models and a modeling prog, odd format?


 Poser Textures                          Lots of different Poser downloads, popus


 Poser Time                                                  Poser site, Polish, vicky lo and others


 Poser time                                                      may have, check


 Poser utils                                                   Free and sale Poser utilities


 Poser Warehouse                                            poser


 Poser World                                                                Poser tutorials and textures


 poserayinstall                                                             poser util


 Posergrafx                                                                 pictures of poser stuff


 Poserism                                                                  Poser downloads, home only


 Poserism                                                lalala Poser character, updated


 Poserworld                                                         Resources for 3D Artists and Animators


 Posette’s Paradise                                               downloads temp. disable.


 Posing is an Art                                                            The Poser Pose resource


 Pretty 3d                                                                    Poser


 ProPackServiceRelease3                                                    the source


 Props Guild                                                                a Poser prop and character


 Python Scaling Scripts                         Poser


 Quintessential Sophistry                                        Poser props.


 Randym Recs                                                        poser props


 Render Lab                                                                 6 poser downloads


 Renderings                                             3d models, pose or 2


 Renderopolis                                                     a few Poser characters and props


 Rendervisions                                                               member site, some downloads, diff prog.


 RG studios                                                   3ds and poser stuff, home only


 Robin Wood                                                                   Poser/Lwo/obj  props, several


 Rosspests’ Poser downloads /                              poser props


 Royloo                                                                    Free poser models,yamato model, robots, etc.


 Roy’s Poser tutorials/utilities /                                  Phi builder site, many Poser tutorials                                                           poser util


 RTEncoder-1.00 /                                                           poser util


 Rubio’s Room                           's_room.html               characters for V-lo and others


 Runtime DNA                                                                 Great Poser models and textures


 Sample mocap data                       BVH Files


 Sam’s 3d                                                                        Poser and Bryce props, old timey, tutorials


 Sandy Lodge Graphics                                               Objaction program site, Poser props/tutorials


 Scenes Design                                         Some heads for Poser


 Seno Software                                                                P3do explorer program


 Sensu Japan                                                 3 Poser characters, members, but 2 free


 Setup_Natural_Pose_2                                                       poser util


 Sexy Mustard Studios                                                      poser


 Shadowrenders                                           Poser props


 Sharby’s3Dgraphics                                                    tons of superhero characters, Poser


 Shared 3d                                                                      Everything Poser-related


 Sharkey’s Gate                                          Poser props, characters, textures for sale


 Shrew’s Lair                                                               Poser characters, props, textures


 Sigue                                                                  poser stuff


 Silver Elf’s Glade                                                          poser, koshini, etc


 Silverblade’s Suitcase                                          Some downloads here somewhere


 Sixus1                                                                              Commercial and free characters


 Sky Pilot’s 3d                                                      Poser, Bryce and Vue objects, textures


 Something Wicked                               1 3d model,  2 Poser textures


 Space Storie                                                        Anthony Appleyards’ Poser props and conv. Utils


 Spanki’s Prop Shop                                                           up, gallery, some stuff soon


 Sparkchaser Studios                                              Poser site, downloads, news


 Sparkyworld                                                   Poser robot and downloads


 Spatz Attack                                                           Poser props and characters


 Speed 77                                                                           poser props, characters


 Spoils of Anwynn                                                      Poser files, characters, etc.


 spookj arts                                                                    1 Poser freebie


 Squidinc                                                                         3d Links, and a gallery


 ST Design                                                                poser clothes


 Studio 187                                                                  Poser weapons, props, textures


 Studio Evanara                                                         poser downloads


 Studio Maya new models /                          home of the maya doll, for poser


 Studio SL                                                                    poser


 Subspace Graphics                                                    Poser/Bryce gallery and tuts


 Subway Oblivion                                                            Poser poses and downloads -no response


 tempest productions                                                a couple of Poser models


 Texas Gal                                  another site


 The Avengers Art Page                                                     Poser medievil weapons and armour


 The Rendering                                                            Poser Stuff for Vicky


 The Snakepit Annex                                                  5 Poser characters, Groucho


 the Tailor                                           Tailor program site


 The Wizzs Gallery                                                            poser


 These new dark ages                                       1 Poser morph, 1 armour, 1 character


 Thorneworks                                                    faery Poser props, gallery


 Timeweleft                                                       poser, terragen, downloads ,V/M3


 T-Limited                                                       poser


 Toshi’s Poser                                       Hard-to-read Poser downloads.


 Toucan                                                            Fish and flower props


 Trekkie Girl                                                                  The page you’re on right now!


 Trout                                           fishing clothes, props, fish


 Tutorials by Daz                                                             Tutorials by Daz


 Tyger Cub                                                           a few Poser things


 Um Pouco de Nada                        Poser kids textures


 Universe Poser                                                    Maya characters, etc.


 Valentin                                                        Poser morphs, clothes, poses, etc


 Vanishing Point                                                        general render package site


 vehicle reference photos               


 Victoria’s Style                                         Poser characters and props




 Vista Internet Products /                              some poser         props


 Wallace 3d                                                                   Poser and Bryce models, faces


 Weaver 3d                                                           home only, poser


 Webdancer’s Bryce                                                           2 poser items


 Weird Juice                                         Poser plugin, metaballs


 Weirdass net                                                                  occasional characters in Poser


 Whispered Dreams                                                         animal models for poser


 Whistler Graphics                                                              Poser objects, textures, clothes


 Wicked Womyn                                            Poser stuff for download


 Willow Dream                                                              poser textures


 Winscape 2000                                       Stole Loseth’s, home only, Poser chars


 World of Froud                                                           Poser site, very heavy legal restrictions


 Worldgate 2000                                                 Lots of Poser resources, characters, etc.


 Wulfenart                                                     Poser Characters, clothes, animals


 WWII props                                        poser uniforms


 Yamato’s                                                         Japanese Poser stuff


 Yohuland                                                                Poser Cell-shading tut, Maya stuff


 Z3D                                                                   Vickie and other character downloads


 Zoffbred 3d                                           poser props


 Affective Artistry                                                  texture for DAZ items                                                   some textures for Vickie, gallery


 Ayelsbury Poser                         textures for skin


 Bryce and More                                                               Poser and Bryce textures, skies, etc.


 Cuba 3d                                                                     3 textures, 1 prop


 Curious Labs - Bad to the Bone          Poser Tutorial


 Cyclops Studio                                                          Lyrra Maddrill’s textures and morphs


 Distorted Imitation                                                poser texture


 Eclectic Guild                                                              Various Poser textures and poses, clothes


 Fuzzy Navel Productions /                                                    2 textures for Poser


 Gandolf’s Garden                                             a few textures, girls


 Graphic Vsions                                               Lovely Lady’s Poser textures


 Handspan Studios                                                      Poser textures and hair


 Intergaltica                                                   Poser textures for props


 John Wind (compose util) /                                 , 2/03 (Poser tutorials


 Lord Giles                                                        textures for Posette and Dork


 Port 3d                                                                   Poser textures and morphs for others


 Poser Pros                                                           Poser Tutorials, member site


 Poser tutorial                          chain mail


 Primal Urges                                                 some Poser textues and a prop


 Rhadeya’s Den                                                   poser textures, clothes


 Sager’s Web                                                                 Poser textures and props


 Secret of Life                                             Several Poser textures, a coupla props


 Selfish                                                textures for Posette and Dork


 shady bird                                                                   Poser textures


 Sprinter’s 3rd Demention /                                                    2 Textures, 1 prop, and Poser tutorials


 Tokyo Teleport                                                          Japanese site, t-shirt textures


 BJ’s Haven                                                                   Poser and Bryce tutorials


 Figure Modelling                        tutorials on Poser superheros


 Get the Mobius Mesh Look /                 Poser Mesh tutorial


 Greg Carter’s Poser Heaven /                                Poser - Tutorials and Free - Textures


 Holy Forest                                          tutorials, 8 Poser Props, Home only


 JCH Poser Page                                                    Poser Tutorials


 Mastering Bump Maps                              uvmapper and Poser tutorial


 Morph World 3                                                            Many Poser tuts, and morphs


 Poser 4 Fog Tutorial                                 amusing Poser tutorial


 Poser Character Creation tut /                                                        


 Poser Gel tutorial                      about gels, in some program..not sure which


 Poser Pro Pack Boning Tutorial /            tutorial


 Poser Tutorial List                                links to Poser Tutorials


 Recognizeable Face                                    Poser tutorial


 Ron Knight’s Poser world /                                                 Tutorials and utilities, many poser links