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A little note about my music:

This music is made by me. It is © by me. I do, however, like to SHARE my music, so feel free to download it and by all means put it on those oh-so-dreadfull p2p networks like Kazaa or whatever they're called right now. That's what they're for :o) I don't plan to ever make money from this music anyway. It's just a hobby :o)

Then onto the real deal :o)

Due to the size of the files, my music is located on my own private server. This is also a very OLD computer, so please go light on the downloads. I promise to let the files stay, so they'll be here tomorrow too :o)
It's not a fine and fancy setup, but the songs are divided into their respective CD's. If you would like to support me and BUY a CD, that can be arranged too. The quality is naturally better than the MP3's as well. Give me a holler in my Guestbook :o).


© Lisbeth Hviid Jakobsen 2002-2011